Capturing Memories

K e l s e y , J a c k s o n

& S o p h i a | |

As much as perfectly posed photos are nice, when you're taking pictures of families it’s unrealistic to have those expectations for little ones. That's why we love to capture natural moments between you & your family with a mix of posing & prompts.

When we start planning your session we will create a Pinterest board of ideas & send it to you so you can look over some pictures that we love. This will give you an idea beforehand of what we envision for your session & how we plan to capture memories for you.

We always bring along a blanket for snuggle photos & recommend bringing along a few props to make the session your own! Bubbles, books, a picnic, whatever you'd like.

Capturing beautiful candid moments can be done with a mix of posing and prompts. For this set of photos we started with a pose by asking Kelsey to sit on our blanket. Then with a prompt we asked her son to run over and give mama a hug from behind. From that first prompt we added on more little prompts to create an image set that flows. Kiss mama & then call your sister over to give mama a kiss too.

Sissy didn't want to stay in one spot for long so while she was running around we started again with a pose, mama & Jackson sitting together. Then for a prompt we asked him to whisper what he loves about his mama in her ear. We couldn't be happier with how this moment played out! He's such a sweetheart!

Prompts will work for any age group! Don't be shy to use them! We use prompts because it conveys genuine emotions that will be captured as memories for you to look back on for years to come.

Whether it may be for your own photography, for capturing photos of your littles or to help you envision what a session with us will be like. We are grateful you popped by our blog for a read & hope you have a wonderful day!

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