Hi everyone! My name is Sarah.


As of October 2019, I quit my full-time position as an administrative assistant to focus on photography! It’s incredible the amount of support you all have shown me, I appreciate it so much.

Since I’ve been doing this on the side until recently, I’ve had the opportunity to put the majority of the money I make back into my business by upgrading my equipment and lighting. 

When we moved into our first house we had a spare room we used as a studio space but I knew someday I wanted to have a bigger studio!

It finally happened! As of 2020, we have a new and 5x bigger location! We are constantly adding new props and backdrops to our collection. So excited to continue renovations to our studio to make it perfect!

All of this is possible thanks to your support. I truly appreciate it! You’re the reason I can do what I love to do. Thank you! 

So when I’m not editing, shooting and keeping up with all the admin work that comes along with that, I spend my free time at jungle house dance, cooking up new good food recipes & of course spending time with my family! 

I try to limit my bookings to 3 a week so that I balance my personal life with work. This allows me to efficiently edit and deliver your galleries within 2 weeks. Yay!

As you may have guessed, I love family photography! It’s amazing how unique each household is, and I find it so cool to see how much kids resemble their parents. If you’ve been to the studio, chances are you’ve had the chance to meet my little family!

I'm so grateful for my supportive fiancé Ryan, who is the calm to my storm, no matter how much stress I’m under he will always know what to do to make me feel at ease.

We have two sweet boys, Liam & Lucas. Some days they can be a handful like any kids can be, but at the end of the day we end it with cuddles and books and I always appreciate how lucky I am to have such loving kids! They truly are my world.


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