Hi! I'm Sarah, the face behind the lens. I'm a 24 year old entrepreneur in love with the art of photography. I'm driven by self love, positive affirmations and an endless love for my family.

I have 2 boys, Liam and Lucas. They're the light in my world and bring joy to my life each and every day.


When I was younger I had a passing interest in photography but my dedication grew when I had my first son. I knew I wanted to capture the memories of his life and documenting those meant so much to me that I started to spent endless evenings learning about photography.

What started as a hobby turned into a life changing career and I'm so thankful for the wonderful people in my life that have been so incredibly supportive of my dreams. With their unconditional love I am where I am now.


I specialize in lifestyle and love photography.

Nothing brings me more joy than love and happiness and being able to capture those feelings as a still moment in time is the most rewarding experience. I am grateful to be apart of your life's moments.


I appreciate each and everyone of you who choose me as your photographer.

As you may have guessed, I love family photography! It’s amazing how unique each household is, and I find it so amazing to see how much kids resemble their parents. If you’ve been to the studio, chances are you’ve had the chance to meet my little family!

I'm so grateful for my supportive fiancé Ryan, who is the calm to my storm, no matter how much stress I’m under he will always know what to do to make me feel at ease.

With two small kids being able to make my own schedule has been life's greatest gift. I value my family and friends and time with them is important to me. I'm thankful I have this amazing career to balance out what truly makes me happy.

I'm an open book, if you ever want to chat more please never hesitate to reach out.