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We offer an all-inclusive luxury boudoir experience for the everyday woman.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional client experience which includes, a pre-session consultation, the use of our client wardrobe, hair and makeup, posing guidance, a personal ordering appointment, and the delivery of your art.

Why not just digitals?

I believe that the portraits we create deserve to be showcased. That's why we have curated a selection of professional quality wall art and albums for our clients to look back on for years to come. 
The majority of my clients go with our albums. The Slice of Heaven collection is our best seller and the full digital collection is included, as well as a 10x10 album w/ 30 images and an 8x12 metal print.

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Hey Gorgeous!
We know this whole boudoir thing can be a little bit out of your normal comfort zone but that's totally okay! We're here to walk you through every step of the way. Don't worry babe! You're going to rock this!

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Are you apart of our VIP community!?

This private group is a growing community of kind hearted, empowered women who love to share memes and cheer each other on!

This is a safe space where we can chat, share and interact with other like minded women. We want you to have a community where you can scroll through for a bit and take a breather from the real world. Which is why we stay active to ensure the vibe is positive, uplifting and of course - empowers women!

You'll also stay up to date on giveaways, availability, boudie calls and more!

PS! We do a monthly top 10 contributors draw to the group. Facebook shows me the stats of who invites friends/comments/posts the most, and those names will be put into a draw to win a prize every month 


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The session fee includes a ton of stuff!

The first thing it includes is a pre-session consult with wardrobe and styling advice. I will help you figure out what to wear and where to find these things if you need help with that.
You'll also have access to my client wardrobe. I love adding new pieces to it as you've probably seen from our this or thats in our VIP group, so our collection is constantly growing. I have pieces in all different sizes, shapes and colours available for you to wear during your session.


We'll do 3 outfit changes for your shoot and that can be a combination of outfits you bring or options I have. I do ask that you bring at least one well-fitting matching bra and panty set in black and/or nude to wear under my garments.

Professional hair and makeup is also included in the session fee.

Please arrive with a clean and moisturized face and clean, dry hair. Then we'll get you started in hair and makeup and the transformation will begin! Before this starts I will take a before photo, it's so awesome to see the before and after's side by side along with photos from our photoshoot!
The photoshoot itself is also included and that's about 1 hour of shoot time. I want to take a moment to assure you that you're in great hands with me! I'm going to be here to guide you through this entire experience, especially how to pose!
I love to demonstrate all the poses before you try them and ill give you guidance on adjusting your hand and feer placement as well as facial expressions. 
I'll also show you images on the back of my camera throughout the photoshoot so you'll be able to see right away that you look incredible! As much as i'll be your #1 hype girl throughout the photoshoot, I find being able to see exactly what I see always makes people feel more comfortable and confident. 


Professional Retouching


The last thing included in the session fee is the professional retouching of all your final images. Nothing too crazy, but I do focus on skin smoothing. I like to make sure key areas such as: bags under the eyes, any pimples, blemishes, scratches, bruises, bug bites, etc will all be smoothed out.
The photoshoot day on average takes 2-3 hours. At the end of your shoot we'll decide a time for you to come back for your personalized ordering appointment or to schedule a zoom call. I love to call these the reveal because this is when you get to see all of your images for the first time, make sure you love them, choose your favourites, and this is when you purchase your prints or products.



So to recap the long read, the session fee includes:


  • Pre Session Consult

  • Professional hair and makeup

  • Full access to our client wardrobe

  • Boudoir photoshoot with complete posing guidance

  • Professional retouching of all final images

  • Reveal appointment 


Investment: $400
They will be available for purchase at your ordering appointment.


Pamper yourself! 


I know a boudoir session can be nerve racking, so try and take some for you time a couple days before the shoot and pamper yourself! Do your nails, a face mask, relax in a hot bubble bath by candlelight, you deserve it! 
Deciding what exactly to wear is the most common question we have clients ask! Boudoir is all about making yourself feel empowered and sexy! So bring a few items that make you feel good! 
Whether its a cozy sweater and your favourite underwear or a lace bodysuit, I want you to wear what you feel sexy in! If you do need some suggestions, I've made a pinterest board filled with with colour palettes and lingerie sets I love. 


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To spice it up, feel free to bring your own accessories!

They're a fun way to switch up any look! Jewelery, heels, fishnets, bondgage, lipstick, a silk robe, cardigan and long socks; there's so many options! Of course these are just suggestions - not necessary.


I love lace bodysuits, they can be more cozy with cardigan or you can bring it up a level with a silk robe and heels! Babydolls are also great options with their beautiful sheer flowy fabric.
For shopping in Fredericton there's la vie en rose, lasenza, aerie, winners, marshall's, spencers, bellezza, elle mio and pleasures & treasures. 
Online there's so many options! Most of the local shops above also have online options. There's also shien which has amazing prices, and surpisingly fast shipping. As well as amazon, which has a huge selection of outfits and if you have prime the ship time is typically 2 days! If you'd like to use my amazon prime just send me a message!
Also don't forget you have full access to our client wardrobe in sizes from xs - 4xl, I have lots of colours and style options that we will look through at your pre-session consult.


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Please be sure to arrive on time. If for any reason you will be delayed please send us a message so we have a heads up. If you are delayed by 20 minutes or more, we will not reschedule your shoot without a new session fee, and we will not rush your shoot to fit it in the remaining time.

The location of the photoshoot will vary, depending on when you book. We rent beautiful Airbnbs that we know you're going to love! 

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So after your session we've scheduled a date and time for your in person or zoom reveal but have you thought about how you would like to display your images from your photoshoot? Not yet? That's a perfectly normal answer! So let's go over those
Collections are our most popular option.


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